Year of Free

What if you were FREE to unlock your inner futurist, FREE to create possibilities without constraints, and FREE to imagine abundant futures for all?

What if 2022 was the Year of Free?

The Futures School is on a mission to democratize the future, and we declare that 2022 be the Year of Free. 

We’re granting Free Tuition on all our programs, Free Access to the Natural Foresight® Framework, and Free Inspiration through live talks with global thought leaders.

Make 2022 YOUR year to create the future.

Free Access to the Natural Foresight® Framework
Free Tuition to all of our global training programs
Free Inspiration to empower your own journey

Free Access

We are granting open source access to the Natural Foresight® Framework with free template and tool downloads indefinitely. Explore how you can make these resources your own.

Free Tuition

We are waiving tuition fees for all of our training programs. Learn how to give the gift of foresight.

who should I nominate?

  • A natural change agent who could benefit from learning a futures framework
  • Someone with an innate futurist mindset who is facing funding constraints to further their foresight development
  • A high-potential, high-performing leader who needs foresight added to their 21st century toolkit 
  • Someone on the cutting edge of their field

Free Inspiration

We are hosting a series of free online experiences with insights and thought leadership you can implement immediately. Check out the Free Inspiration page for more details.

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The Year of Free: A Message from The Futures School Co-Founders

The future is created in the present and there’s never been a better time to take action. The Year of Free was designed to eliminate all the hurdles.  What are you waiting for? 

We know budgets, firewalls, and a lack of support limit our visions of the future. Let’s remove these constraints and unleash your innate ability to dream big.

No more excuses because there are no more hurdles. The future is yours to seize today.

You have the power within you and we’ve cleared the path.

With Optimism, The Futures School